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We are the premier program designed to teach you how to play the piano quickly, easily, and on your own. See why students and teachers from across the globe have trusted Triplett's Piano Method for over 20 years!

There's no easier way to learn the piano. No matter what your reason for doing so, we can get you there. Start learning and playing the piano today!
"Piano Praise has been my go-to teaching tool for over 15 years."
-Lana Lyman
Redmond, Washington


The Triplett Method is the perfect music course for the homeschooling family. In addition, numerous studies have shown that students who practice music consistently test higher in all subjects, as opposed to their peers who don’t.

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Teachers & Students

Teachers and their students looking to play the piano by chord consistently choose The Triplett Method for success. See for yourself what makes this such a great teaching tool.

Church Musicians

Church Musicians

The Triplett Method was designed for people who want to play the piano in a church setting. Discover why thousands of church musicians rely on this incredible course.


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It's not about talent. It's about effort.
-Susan Triplett, Creator of The Triplett Method


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