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Our Story

We are family business with a global reach.

We haven’t forgotten where we started 20 years ago. From our humble beginnings, we produced a product that has allowed anyone to do what they might once have considered impossible: play the piano. We are proud of our story, and we can’t wait to write the next chapter.


An Idea is Born
“I don’t want to play the piano by note. I want to play by ear.” With that simple statement by a student in the fall of 1994, Susan Triplett began laying the foundation for The Triplett Method.


From One to Many
“You need to make this available to everyone.” These words from David Triplett, Susan’s husband, inspired her to help not just that first student, but all who desired to learn the piano.


Becoming a Reality
Triplett’s Productions first course, Learning, Playing and Mastering the Piano by Ear, became a reality in 1994. That groundbreaking course was the forerunner of other programs to come.


A Trusted Name
In a short amount of time, The Triplett Method became well-known for its ease of use, and gained widespread popularity, especially among churches and religious groups.


Another Big Step
As church music transitioned from playing by ear to reading chord sheets, another product was needed to meet this demand. Out of this new environment came Piano Praise in 2003.


The Next Generation
Looking to the future, we now reveal the newest courses using The Triplett Method. Piano Praise & Worship focuses on modern styles, while Piano Heritage teaches more traditional hymns.

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Creator’s Quote

It's not about talent. It's about effort.
-Susan Triplett, Creator of The Triplett Method


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